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Increase traffic to your site with our cost effective SEO strategy and start increasing sales today

HTML analysis

Are you utilising H1 and H2 tags? Are you using Alt tags on images appropriately?

There are many HTML code tweaks we can do to improve your site rankngs.

Off-Page Optimization

This is the second big stumbling block for many companies wanting to do SEO. Building links. This is not as straight forward as hiring a cheap SEO company in India who will add 1000 backlinks per month for £200. Most of these people don't realise that about 90% of the links they add are not indexed by Google AT ALL. That's because they are marked as "no-follow". This tells search engine spiders to ignore this link in its algorithm.

Even links marked as "do-follow" are sometimes blocked by the spiders in what is called the "robots.txt" which is placed in the root directory of the website. The remaining 10% of links are usually from low quality, low authority sites that do you more harm than good.

Remember its about quality NOT quantity.

Our SEO packages

Basic package - £495 a month

Intermediate package - £895 a month

Advanced package - £1450 a month

  • Page Rank (PR)

    Google stopped updating its PR in 2013. Any SEO company who mentions PR in its SEO strategy is likely using outdated black-hat methods

Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO campaign is a 100% white hat service and is divided into two main areas

On-Page Optimization

Keywords Research:

Picking keywords you think people will type into Google to find your product is a big NO.

Why? Well, it's likely to very competitive unless you are in very niche uncompetitive market.

Our Keyword Research will examine keywords that are less competitive and if you target these keywords you are more likely to get people coming to your site then if you target competitive ones.

There are other big stumbling blocks in the Keyword game - for example you think keywords like "free" would be good..but actually that's another big NO

Why? Getting people to your site is only half the game, the end game is getting them to buy your product or service once they are there. Do you think a person who searching for free products or services is a easily convertible lead? Absolutely not - on the other hand someone who used the keyword "Cheap" is highly convertible - they already know they want to buy something, they just want to buy something that's within their price range or good value for money. You might not think targeting the keyword "cheap" gives your company or product a good image - but actually you'll be surprised on how good that keyword is in driving sales.

There are many more of these golden Do's and Dont's. We know them all.


Any SEO company who states that "Content is Key" and the "More content you have the better" is a clear indicator that the company is using outdated methods- in the days where SEO was less competitive and you could rank highly just by having lots keyworded content. Google's core ranking Alogrithm is much more advanced these days.

Google doesn't care if content is fresh. The only advantage of providing good content is that it may get you genuine white hat back links from high authority sites. If content is repeated, or full of keywords, its also a big NO.

We will analysise your content and suggests ways to improve it.

We will also write blog articles for your site, guest posts with high authority sites like the and network with top social media influencers in your niche.

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