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API Development

Take advantage of Open APIs to help your company grow with the use of real time information and intergration of services within your website

What APIs do we work with?

  • Payment - Paypal, Worldpay, Paymill, SagePage, Spreedly
  • Social Media - Twitter, Facebook, Youtube
  • Holiday Bookings -, HomeAway, Holiday Lettings, TourCMS
  • Service APIs - Google maps, Bing Translate,
  • CRM - Salesforce, Mailchimp, DotMailer, Constant Contact
  • Ecommerce - Amazon, Ebay
  • Betting Platforms - William Hill, Pinnacle
  • Shipping - Ergo, UPS
  • Accounting - Xero


In layman's terms, an API is an agreement between two people stating: "If you give me this instruction, I will perform this action, or return this information"

For example intergrating with social media APIs means you can interact directly with the services they offer. If we take Twitter as an example and a blogging website. You can use the Twitter API to automatically post a tweet to your user account everytime you add a new blog post.

We can use any number of APIs to pull data into your website to create something that your customer or client will want. For example, we can use the Google API alongside the Yell API to pull in all plumbers within 1 mile radius of where I am. We can then use API to rank the pumbers by the highest average review.

There are many different APIs that your business could be taking advantage of including Payment APIs, Booking APIs, and CRM APIs.